We have a team of Environmental Champions who are responsible for driving
forward Lexington’s bespoke Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

They have inspired and engaged our teams, clients and customers
about environmental management and making positive change
to reduce their impact on the environment. As a result we have reduced food
waste, electricity and water consumption and seen a huge increase in recycling.


We are accredited with the Environmental Management System ISO14001,
which ensures we monitor our impact on the environment and
apply initiatives to reduce any adverse effects.

We work alongside industry bodies such as WRAP and Food Alert who
assist us to ensure our systems are safe, robust and workable.

  • We buy carefully to ensure we strike the
    right balance between minimising our
    carbon footprint and delivering the
    best quality ingredients

  • We inspire a culture of best practice and
    environmental awareness through
    innovative training for all our people

  • Our environmental initiatives have enabled
    us to share best practice with our clients